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With High-end, Scalable & Fully Self-branded Online Advertising Platform

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The AdNation Ad platform doesn’t require any technical expertise on your side. Furthermore, it will reduce your IT costs. Also you won’t have to pay for dedicated servers, IT personnel, maintenance and upgrades.

You don't need to border about publishers, traffic as your ads will be connected directly to the AdNation publishers network.

The AdNation Ad platform is an highly scalable and secured web-based platform capable of serving billions of ads on a daily basis, with a 99% uptime.

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Earn a 5 Digit Figure Monthly Starting Your Own Ad Agency

The Ellist Communication Technology Ltd has just perfected the digital advertising business to ensure that early comers which could be you make a 5 digit income figure monthly.

The new version of the AdNation Ad network engine has been launched and you can start up your own ad network with just N25,000 and get it setup within 48hrs. We have re-engineered the advert network engine to work entirely through a network of ad agencies (Ad Platform) which all feeds from a singular large pool of publishers and advertisers.

All advertisers will now compulsorily have to use their licensed state, city/town ad agencies (partners) which could be your platform right now. The state ad network (which is the top level ad agency) controls small local ad agencies (ad network) allowing for unified pooling of all marketing and publishing resources to ensure every ad network using the AdNation Ad engine is very profitable.

With the new expanded ad agency networking and team building feature, you won't need to build your own publishers network or seek for your own advertisers. All advertisers use the closest ad agency (Ad Network) closest to them ensuring that SMEs are well advertised within the country and also ensure all ad network on the AdNation gets regular clients.

The AdNation Ad engine currently serves over 10million ad impressions daily and with the current team feature, all adverts no matter which ad network they were created on will be properly exposed and budget consumed ensuring better income for the digital ad agency.


30 states Ad Agencies (Ad Platforms) are currently available and you can acquire the license for a state for just N50,000. Lagos, FCT and Delta State has been taken. You need to act fast to claim bigger states like Kano, Rivers State etc.

This license comes with your own ad network platform setup with the ability to track and control all local ad networks within the choosen state. State Ad Networks collects 5% of all local ad networks under that state. With the state license, you don't need to pay another N25,000 for the setup.

The digital ad revolution has started, and you are very privilege to be part of it.

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Create your own ad network – manage and track any number and type of publishers, advertisers and campaigns
Join the advertising revolution – reach top publishers looking to diversify their campaigns and website content

Online Advertisement

The technology is equipped with the ability to connect your advertisers with over 5,000 blogs and websites nationwide. It is a self manage platform meaning your clients will be able to manage every aspect of their ad campaigns. It supports the following convential banner sizes.

Social Media Advertisement

The AdNation has a social media promoter base of over 20,000 members who share social adverts on their wall, status, pages on most social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.

SMS Advertising

A bulk sms messaging system is built in to enable your clients broadcast targeted sms advert messages to their private contact list or to an admin opt-in list. SMS marketing is perfect for local and national retailers wishing to promote products or services, provide incentives, and increase customer loyalty and retention.